Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Since Christmas

Here are a bunch of non-chronologically ordered pictures taken since Christmas. Sorry that they have no rhyme or reason. Time has really been flying and we're having a lot of fun. Franny is 2 and 1/2. She loves singing and dancing. She often yells at me, "Mom! Come dance with me!". She is obsessed with the movie Robin Hood. I bought it, not remembering how seriously violent it is. She'll find anything to use as a sword and yell "Ooo-de-lally!" or she'll find anything to wrap around her head as a scarf to be Maid Marian. She loves her little brother. The first thing she does in the morning is run to his room and say, "A-Goo!" Then she comes to my room and says, "Where's my dad?" I often hear her explaining things to him. "Paul is your daddy and Ameria is your mommy." She makes Holland laugh all day. She's also obsessed with the difference between "real" food and "treats". "Are carrots real food?...is chocolate a treat?... Are french fries real food or a treat?" "At the store, they are a treat. At home, they are real". Hmm. That's not confusing. I could go on about all the funny things she does and says, but all of you that have had a two-year-old know how fun and challenging it is.

Baby animal days

Holland is a bit less complicated. He's almost 9 months old. He smiles and laughs a lot. Crawls around a lot. Bonks his head a lot. Plays with toys. Puts everything in his mouth. (A week ago a "helicopter" seed came out in his poop...totally in tact!) Loves wagon rides. Loves to be in the backpack. Loves his mama. Loves to nurse.

Big smile with four teeth!
Have you ever seen anything so amazing? Didn't think so.

Mama and H at Zion Park

Fran and Daddy
Coral Pink sand dunes

Bryce canyon

Best invention.

April fools snow. Boo.

I love when I find them talking on the floor together

Tubby time

Christmas '09

Singing around the tree

"I am a little gypsy girl..."

Tubby time at Grandma Marilyn's

Ice skating

Nativity with Spencers

H (4 months) and his cousin Micah (8 months)

New years'

Las Vegas cousins

Birthday boys

Sledding at old main. Two minutes after this pic was taken, she cried until we left.

Sledding fail.

After watching Little Einsteins, she wanted a violin, so Paul found this ornament for her. She's pretty good.

Franny sings

Monday, December 14, 2009

Halloween and Thanksgiving and Baby Holland

I'm finally posting some pics of our little kitty cat on Halloween. We just took her to the "trunk or treating" (which Paul hated). She also was a big hit at the Aggie basketball game. Maybe we'll do the real thing in a couple of years when she really gets it.
This spooky tree was created in the back of a family's truck at the trunk or treat!

The pumpkin walk was so cute and clever this year. It always is, I guess.

The theme was "commercials". This was our favorite. The Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial.

Franny was excited to see the characters from her favorite book.

I was a bad mommy and didn't dress Holland up for Halloween. But here is a cute pic of him loving tubby-time. (3 months)

And speaking of tubby-time, Our friend David came to visit for an Aggie game and brought his little girl. She and Franny had a fun time together. For some reason this is the only picture I took.
And this is them in the spring of '08

Here are some pics of our Thanksgiving turkey bowl


Go team!

Here is Holland with his only other boy cousin with the last name "Gutke". Funny because Paul has three brothers.
He found his thumb a few weeks ago. So cute!

Holland and Tanner

Christmas family

Santa's helpers

My cute kids


I was "teaching" Franny how to play with tape

Swine flu?